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District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP)


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Retention Services

DC-CAP's mission is to encourage and enable DC public and public charter high school students to enroll in and graduate from college. Therefore, DC-CAP has made a long-term commitment to assist and support the students even after they have graduated from high school. DC-CAP will work with DC public and public charter high school students to make sure they are able to complete their education. DC-CAP retention staff will work with on-campus Student Support Services, Financial Aid Directors, Academic Advisors and others to support DC students who have enrolled in college. Each year, DC-CAP Retention staff will help students assess their financial resources to help them secure the necessary financial aid to complete their next year of college. Students are eligibleto apply for DC-CAP Last Dollar Award scholarships for up to five years after their high school graduation date.

In an effort to support college students and their parents, DC-CAP provides on-going, individualized services designed to ensure that a student is academically and financially prepared to complete their college education. DC-CAP retention services include:


  • Building and maintaining a supportive relationship with each student starting in their freshmen year of high school through their college graduation.
  • Exposing the high school student to the college campus culture through activities, presentations, college tours and seminars.


  • Assisting college students in identifying and connecting with on-campus Student Support Services and personnel.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the academic progress of each college student by reviewing mid-term and semester grades, prescribing appropriate remedial action (if necessary) and working with college academic advisors to ensure the student
    remains in good academic standing.
  • Providing a supportive environment for
    the student and parent to discuss academic, financial and other college-related issues and problems that may arise.


  • Assisting each student and their family to secure scholarships, institutional aid and private, federal and local grants each year for college enrollment.
  • Providing DC-CAP "last dollar" award scholarships for any eligible studentwith unmet financial need.


  • Developing and maintaining close working relationships with college administrators and staff to facilitate the admission, financial aid and enrollment process for each DC-CAP student.
  • Identifying and connecting students with on-campus student services, tutoring programs, mentors, minority student support services and other programs designed to help them succeed in college.
  • Represent and negotiate on behalf of the
    student and the parent in the event problems or disputes arise in the areas of financial aid, academic standing, probation or expulsion.

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