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District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP)


Changing Lives By Giving Every Student a Chance at a College Education  donate

Corporate Sponsorship

In addition to making a cash/credit card donation via Network for Good, DC-CAP offers many other options for corporate sponsors to assist in DC-CAP programming.  These are some of the many worthwhile opportunities in which you can show your support.

High School Programs (2)

  • College Information Resource Center (CIRC)

    DC-CAP has CIRCs in all of the District’s Public Public Charter High Schools
    Centers are open September - June

In partnership with the DC Public and Public Charter High School System, DC-CAP provides direct college counseling and financial aid assistance to students who might otherwise never have an opportunity to attend college. Beyond academic advice and mentoring, DC-CAP advisors spend significant amounts of time addressing individual student issues and/or resolving crisis. As the program gains in popularity, the CIRCs and their respective advisors face an ever-increasing challenge to provide quality services to an escalating number of students, with limited staff and financial resources.

DC-CAP advisors, who are housed in the DC-CAP College Information Resource Center (CIRC), located in each of the Public High Schools and Public Charter High Schools, provide direct college counseling and mentoring services to high school students and their parents, grades 9 to 12.  Through individual meetings, group sessions, written materials, college resource handbooks and workshops.  Services include:

• Individual counseling sessions
• Group sessions with students
• Student visits to CIRCs
• Senior/Parent financial aid seminars
• Assist students through the college
• Assist students through the college enrollment and/or registration process
• Classroom presentations to students
• Community & church-based outreach
• Parent visits to CIRCs
• Assistance to seniors through the college application and financial aid process

  • Alpha Leadership Program (ALP)

    Program is offered in the following schools: Coolidge Senior High School, Dunbar Senior High School, Roosevelt Senior High School, Spingarn Senior High School, Wilson Senior High School

The objective of the ALP is to assist young minority male DC public and public charter high school students to stay engaged in the educational process, to improve academic achievement, increase the possibility that they graduate from high school, and be socially and academically prepared to enroll and graduate from college. 

The program will target 125 9th grade male students and their parent(s) and guardians from DC public and public charter high schools around the city to participate in a year long program consisting of training workshops, in-home activities, mentors and extracurricular student activities. 

The three major components of the ALP are 1) parent training, 2) personal development and 3) positive peer pressure. 

We believe that these are the critical areas that need to be addressed in order to effect long term positive engagement in our targeted population. Each of the three major program components will be designed to reinforce each other.

Pre-College Programs (2)

  •  Pre-College Seminar 

    “Managing Expectations for Parents and their College Freshmen”
    July 2017 University of DC, Washington, DC

The DC-CAP hosts two Pre-College Seminars with more than 700 attendees at each.  This event is specifically designed for college freshmen and their parents.  It features a College Student Panel where students and their parents have an opportunity to ask important questions covering a range of topics.  DC-CAP invites representatives from colleges and universities, along with representatives from the DC Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAG), to facilitate workshops and sessions on the following topics:  Academic Advisement, Advantages of a Two-Year College, College Roommates, Financing College, Financial Management Seminars for both parents and students, Student Responsibilities and Support Services.

Financial Aid / College Retention Programs (2)

  • Last Dollar Awards Scholarships

Those DC Public high school graduates who meet eligibility criteria and enroll in an accredited two-year, four-year college, university or vocational school, are eligible for DC-CAP Last Dollar Awards, up to $2,070 per year for a maximum of five years.  The awards are based on unmet need and are designed to close the financial needs gap between the students’ resources, financial aid and the actual college expenses.  Since its inception, DC-CAP has awarded more than 14,350 Last Dollar Awards Scholarships totaling approximately $26 million dollars.

  • Named/Targeted Scholarship Opportunities

Underwriting named or targeted scholarships through DC-CAP is the most direct way to help make college a reality for DC Public and Public Charter High School students. Designations of the scholarship could include but not limited to: music, military based and foster/adopted students. Your name will be listed as the grantor of the scholarship with the specified criteria for the scholarship.  You will have the ability to receive the names of scholarship recipients along with additional updates about these students.  The scholarship amounts can be any specified amount, and can be renewable or non-renewable. 


Special Events

  • DC-CAPITAL Stars Talent Competition and Gala

    The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
    March 29, 2017

DC-CAP hosts this annual event at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing arts to celebrate the outstanding academic achievement and excellence in the artistic abilities of college-bound students from the District of Columbia.   The performance highlights the talents of ten high school student who have successfully participated in the DC-CAPITAL Stars Talent Competition.  The winning student receives scholarship dollars towards college.  All participants receive some amount of scholarship funds. The gala provides an opportunity for DC-CAP to recognize and thanks its corporate benefactors and congressional partners for their continuing support of the DC-CAP Program.

Operational Support (1)

  • DC-CAP Database Enhancement

DC-CAP has a comprehensive database which has the ability to track high school and college students, manage advisor productivity, monitor parental involvement, track on-campus college retention activities, process financial awards, execute electronic fund transfers, produce management, statistical, analytical reports, and provide other functions related to college access and retention functions.   DC-CAP is working to enhance its database system to by incorporating an On-line Analytical Processing function which will enable DC-CAP to conduct a much broader range of analyses along with more sophisticated statistical applications.  More importantly, the database will be able to analyze the non-financial programmatic factors such as the number of parental contacts, number of individual counseling sessions, number of individual on-campus contacts with college representatives, etc.  DC-CAP uses this technology to enhance not only our productivity and efficiency, but also effectively provide comprehensive services to our students.

For more information on Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Development Department at or 202-783-7938.

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