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District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP)


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Career Speakers Bureau

Career Speakers Bureau

As a DC-CAP Career Speakers Bureau volunteer, you can help inspire and motivate high school students to explore different career opportunities and to prepare themselves for the future by getting their college degree. Volunteers visit high schools to talk about their own careers and how a college education played a part of their success. Career speakers also have the opportunity to serve as mentors and provide "job shadowing" opportunities to individual students.

DC-CAP encourages individuals in all walks of life and career paths, traditional or nontraditional -- doctors, artists, small business owners, scientists, teachers, professional athletes, broadcasters, lawyers, engineers, musicians -- to register as speakers. Speakers are chosen based on the level of student interest and schedules are coordinated according to speaker availability. To register as a DC-CAP Career Speaker, please contact DC-CAP by phone on (202) 783-7933 or via email at to receive a Speaker's Burea application. You may also download the registration form in Adobe PDF format.

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