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District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP)


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International Students

DC-CAP is committed to providing counseling and financial services to all DC-Public High School students without regard to race, nationality, ethnic background, birthplace and socioeconomic status. Our resources are available to all students and their families who are US citizens, permanent residents, foreign nationals and non-US citizens. Our service extends to currently enrolled DC-Public and Public Charter High School Students as well as to all students who registered with DC-CAP and/or graduated from a DC-Public or Public Charter High School after 2007.

All DC-Public High Students who are registered with DC-CAP are eligible for support. Students who are non-US citizens who want to be considered for the DC-CAP financial assistance must complete the DC-CAP Financial Aid Form. Students and their families must provide specific household and employment/income verification to be considered for the funds. This information will be collected solely for the purposes of determining financial assistance from DC-CAP.

DC-CAP is a non-profit organization and is funded by private resources. We are not affiliated with any local, state or federal government agency and receive no funds from any of these entities. All information collected is confidential and remains in the custody of the DC-College Access Program. We are not obligated to share any information collected from you with a federal agency without written release and consent of the DC-CAP Financial Aid Applicant.

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