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District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP)


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Preparing for College

Preparing for High School Graduation

It is never too early to plan ahead.  We recommend that you work with your high school's DC-CAP advisor, academic counselor and teachers at the beginning of every school year to ensure the right steps are being taken to prepare for college. 

In addition to a strong academic plan, students should participate in school-based and non-school-based extracurricular activities throughout their education.  Join the business, science or chess clubs.  Try out for the cheerleading squad, basketball or debate teams.  Run for class president.  Work as a volunteer in a community or church-based organization.  Any outside interests and activities you participate in while in high school will better prepare you for college and for life.  College admissions directors look favorably upon students who demonstrate an interest and willingness to have positive experiences and learn from activities outside the classroom.

College Education Can Change Your Life

What's the best way to prepare for your future? Get a college education.

A college education provides the skills and background needed to compete and succeed in today's high-tech workplace. Vital skills are gained in critical thinking, communication and technology, giving young adults confidence and greater potential upon entering the professional world.

Getting a college education is absolutely the best way to prepare for the future. With a college education you will have more career choices, better job opportunities and dramatically increased earning potential. Today's average high school graduates earn $22,900 per year, while college graduates earn $40,500 per year. Over a lifetime a graduate earns almost $1,000,000 more. Think about it.

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