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District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP)


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Early Preparation

The support you give your child in helping them prepare for college can be critical to their motivation and success. By showing them the confidence and willingness to help them through this exciting process, you will greatly strengthen your high school student's desire to strive for and achieve a college education.

As part of DC-CAP's effort to support students and their families, you'll find information here including a year-by-year planning checklist for parents, special DC-CAP Last Dollar Award information for non-U.S. citizen parents, parents of those students in special education programs and other important tips for parents as they support their child through college.

In addition, DC-CAP has compiled a Directory of Service Providers for use by DC families.  This handbook contains educational support organizations, employment assistance, healthcare and family support organizations.  For our non-US citizen families, you can find additional information on navigating the college application and financial aid processes in the DC-CAP International Student Guide

Finally, DC-CAP has published several guides for the successful college planning efforts for students at any high school grade level.  Please review the following guides:

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