DC-CAP Scholarship Programs

The cost of attending college has skyrocketed, but this should not deter a student from earning their college degree. DC-CAP offers eligible students a renewable scholarship to ensure they have a chance at a promising future. To apply for one of DC-CAP’s scholarships, please complete one of the applications below.

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University Partnership Scholars

DC-CAP’s University Partnership Scholarship establishes formal partnerships with select high-performing, four-year institutions committed to increasing enrollment and graduation rates for D.C. students. In total, more than 500 scholars and more than $4 million dollars in scholarships have been awarded through the University Partnership Program.

Together, and in combination with federal and local aid, DC-CAP offers substantial financial aid packages. Students may even be eligible for a full scholarship.

If accepted into the program, students will receive coaching, tutoring, and other support services from the partner university, DC-CAP College Retention Advisors, and peers. Combined with extensive financial support, DC-CAP believes this is a powerful formula for success in a student’s college journey.

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DC-CAP Scholarship

The DC-CAP Scholarship bridges the gap between what you have and what you need to earn your college degree. This scholarship may be used for tuition, room and board, fees and other expenses, which may include books, supplies and travel. In addition to $4,000 per year for college (up to $20,000 over 5 years), recipients receive support from a DC-CAP College Retention Advisor to help navigate the college experience and complete their degree.

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DC-CAP College Support for Scholars

All scholars are assigned to a DC-CAP College Retention Advisor who assists students in navigating college. Prior to beginning the fall semester as college freshmen, scholars attend DC-CAP Pre-College programming and meetings to receive information to help transition into and be successful in college. During each academic year of enrollment, scholars also participate in workshops to strengthen and develop necessary skills to help them succeed. Scholars benefit from monthly check-ins with advisors, individualized intervention strategies like academic success plans, and frequent communication via text messages and monthly newsletters containing helpful college tips and important deadlines. Retention advisors also facilitate referrals for students to campus resources to ensure scholars persist and graduate.

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Student Success Stories

Curtis Brooks Profile
C. Brooks
Benjamin Banneker Academic HS,,
Class of 2020
George Mason University

“Being a scholar in the DC-CAP Partnership at George Mason…has connected me to resources I’ve utilized to tackle problems common for first-year students. Success coaching, clubs, tutors, and academic advising have made my college transition a lot smoother. The partnership programs support my academic achievement and my well-being with regular check-ins and scheduled activities.”

ngatchou profile
R. Ngatchou
DC International School, Class of 2020,
University of Massachusetts Lowell

“Being a part of the DC-CAP program is more than the chance to alleviate the financial burdens of attending a university. It’s a network of support systems to guide me through my college experience.”

diaz profile
S. Diaz
School Without Walls HS, Class of 2019,
University of Massachusetts Lowell

“Through the DC-CAP University Partnership program, I have had the chance to build relationships with so many excellent individuals that have influenced me positively and helped me to learn many valuable lessons in my first two years of college. The accomplishments of my cohort peers and advisors are constantly inspiring me to take on new challenges and responsibilities.”