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STEM Ready Scholarship Program

The STEM Ready Scholarship Program provides students with opportunities to explore careers in the science, technology, engineering, and math industries.


STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) jobs are some of the most lucrative and sought after positions with more than 800,000 STEM related jobs in the DC Metro area alone.

About the STEM READY Program

The STEM Ready Program is FREE at the following participating schools: Capital City Public Charter School, Columbia Heights Education Campus, and Eastern Senior High School. The program provides students with the chance to explore all the areas of STEM that interest them while having fun! The program provides competitions, workshops, and hands-on activities for all registered students. Healthy snacks are also provided.

Improve Your GPA

The STEM Ready Program provides FREE tutors and engaging classes in math and science after school to help students complete homework and better understand their classwork assignments.

Scholarship Opportunities

Students can earn up to $8,800 towards college tuition and expenses with STEM Ready scholarships!

  • 9th and 10th graders can earn a Participation Scholarship by attending at least four hours of the program per week
  • 9th through 12th graders can receive a Merit Scholarship by earning money for every A and B final grade they receive in eligible math and science classes


The most thrilling part of the program is the unique field trips and experiences that teach students about STEM outside of the classroom. Students participate in real word STEM activities and workshops such as:

  • Watching doctors perform open heart surgery
  • Calculating terminal velocity through skydiving stimulation
  • Watching a NASA Shuttle Launch in person
  • Holding real human organs in a cadaver lab
  • Solving a murder from a recreated crime scene and more
  • Students also get to hear from guest speakers, such as experts in the field of computer programming, paleontology, forensic science, cardiac surgery, anthropology, biomedical engineering, and aerospace

STEM Career Series

Eligibility & How to Apply

Any student currently attending the following schools is eligible for enrollment in our STEM READY program:

  • Capital City Public Charter School
  • Columbia Heights Education Campus
  • Eastern Senior High School

Registration is on a rolling basis and can be completed throughout the year. Once a student registers for the program, they will remain in the program until graduation from high school.

For more information, contact a program representative at or call (202) 783-7933

Program Brochure